Saturday, July 20, 2024

Information about tuff

 Volcanic tuff (originated from Italian tufo* a.volcaniktuff - explosion tuff) – sedimentary rock from volcanic ash, volcanic bomb and other fragments, ejected during volcanic explosion and then concentrated. It is very dense and solid. The unique feature of volcanic tuffs is angularity of fragments and their ungradedness; they are subdivided according to the structure, nature and proportions of the fractions. Tuffs have diverse coloring: yellow, orange, violet, pink, red, brown, grey and black. Tuff differs from other types of trim stone by wide range of bright and saturated tints. There are over 40 tints from black to white. Tuffs are used as a construction material and serve as an excellent masonry unit due to their small weight and freeze resistance. With their high decorative features, small volume weight and sufficiently high strength, volcanic tuffs are used as a facing and walling material, filling aggregate in soft concrete and for making architectural components of intricate profile. High quality of the raw material and application of high tech enable to produce high quality products (windowsills, stair posts, footsteps, cornices, handrails, table tops, stair flights, columns, slabs, tiles for covering of facades, walls and floor). This material is rated for production of construction materials, which can be used in all types of construction without any limitations. Even if one uses tuff for inside lining only, this is already considered a good advantage. Technology is as follows: facing slabs are cut from the tuff, then are processed from the front face, the reverse “invisible” side of the slabs maintains its natural roughness and asperity. Slabsarelaidusingmortar. There is no need in painting and plastering of such wall, therefore the costs are repaid very quickly. The wall gets very beautiful not only because of the range of colors, but also due to its processing. The front face under treatment can be decorated with any types of patterns, and even custom-made stony laces can be produced, if desired. Householders can obtain wider scope using tuff in landscape design. Tables and benches, base units and columns, ornamental wall units made from tuff will not be discordant with green planting. Quite the contrary, they will enhance the effect of primeval natural beauty of homestead land. And notwithstanding the snow, rain, frost, wind and other freaks of nature, tuff elements of landscape design do not “become old” for a very long time. Sculptors carve such kinds of sculptures from tuff, before which the products made from habitual standard materials seem unimpressive. Theworkturnsoutunusual, catchyandbright. Such a valuable natural material makes the constructors treat it very seriously, because it is necessary to select the color and shade following the design project, to process the stone and lay ready slabs on the mortar. We can hardly surmise how the mentioned issues are settled in near and far foreign countries where tuff is being applied for a long time. But here, in Tajikistan, occurrence of tuff is associated with emergence of LLC “Elegant” in the market of construction sphere, which has taken everything upon itself: from the process of delivery and processing of the stone till the house turnkey supply. The Company has a shop available for processing of tuff, granite, marble, limestone and has a team of highly qualified employees who have the experience of processing this unique material. The types of cooperation, like in any integrated company, can be different: from settling separate problems to designing and construction of detached houses, which would be a true landmark. The company backlog consists of several tens of projects of the detached houses; it has experience of designing, construction, reconstruction, administrative and legal endorsements with state authority to its credit. Cost value of construction using Tajik tuff is comparable with cost value of construction using brick, meanwhile new material enables the architects and designers draw an original project of the house using quite new technologies, which would be warm, cosy and comfortable.