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Basalt rock wool – heat insulation material

Basalt rock wool – heat insulation material

During construction of residential and business buildings and other objects, as well as in the process of their repairing basalt rock wool is actively applied. Its application can considerably increase the service life of engineering design. In addition, mineral rock wool has protective properties and is able to reduce negative effect of environmental factors on the construction, and this enables to appreciably prolong its service life. Besides, application of heat insulation on the basis of basalt fiber will ensure appreciable savings on power inputs.

 The features of basalt mineral rock wool:

Basalt mineral rock wool is produced due to its rock formation— basalt (namely basalt fiber), which belongs to fibrous heat insulators that proved to be a high quality and demanded material.

 This material has its specific features, which distinguish it from other materials used for heat insulation. It is absolutely incombustible and ensures enhanced acoustic opacity. Fluctuation of temperature does not cause deformation of basalt fiber; the effect of chemically active substances does not perceptibly damage the material as well. Exactly because of these features the material can be applied as heat insulation even in corrosive medium. Due to the advantages of the material it is widely used for heat insulation of the objects with long service life.

— low thermal conductance;

— fire safety.


The temperature that basalt fiber and materials made from it can sustain without any deformation is up to 700 degrees.

— acoustic opacity;

— protection from moisture and steam penetration;

— deformation resistance;

— environmental safety;

— ease of assemblage.

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